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It refers to a utility that will install it, but some posters say on their website forum not to use it.Just pointing to a utility without instructions will not help me though as it's my first time doing this. On the same page that you downloaded the Rom file, there is a section called BIOS utilities which has the utility to update the BIOS. You can use Rufus to create a bootable DOS flash drive.The controller firmware can be flashed using max View Storage Manager (MSM) or the flash utility AFU that is included with this download. EXE included in this download to backup the current BIOS and flash the new BIOS image.AFU Instructions: Once the files are extracted please copy the AFU. Shut down the operating system and reboot to DOS from a bootable floppy disk, USB device or CD/DVD. For instructions on how to update the firmware using max View Storage Manager (MSM), please refer to the MSM User's Guide or the MSM online help.

ASUS has an update program that is supposed to install a new BIOS, but it does not work, It won't connect to the servers and I've lost days and nights trying.To get boot when it will not boot any other way (because the drivers are not installed proper).Optional: leave it on disabled if you just don't care :-) It will always boot if you install without AHCI.The Basic troubleshooting guide is intended to provide you with a guide to problems that you may experience with the system: • Not Posting (no display on power up) • Stability Problems • No BOOT (system will boot to a display but will not boot to operating system) The image at the right is an typical power supply rating and wattage, notice the wattage of the power supply on the label.Along with the wattage, the make and model of the power supply as well as the DC & AMP output are listed ------ To create an MS-DOS startup disk under Windows XP, right click on the 3.5” floppy drive icon under my computer and select format.Firmware receives very little attention when it comes to updates. Many devices: RAID controllers, NICs, chipsets, and even hard drives, get some benefit from being updated. Most SA say, "Whenever it breaks, update the firmware." But this can lead to difficulties down the road; Several times, when contacting Dell about a failed hard drive, I've been asked if my hard drive firmware is up to date.