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For additional HIV/AIDS information visit Florida's Know Your HIV Status ( web site.

We are funded by the Florida Department of Health HIV/AIDS Section, Division of Disease Control and Health Protection, Bureau of Communicable Diseases.

The Your C-Card Scheme gives FREE condoms and lube to young people in Norfolk aged 13-24.

You can access the service whether you're male or female, no matter what your sexual orientation is.

They try selling stolen office equipment and busking before taking up a Craiglist ad for two women to clean a man's apartment dressed in lingerie while he stares at them. Ilana and Abbi resolve to be more responsible adults, so Ilana decides to lodge her tax return, and Abbi tries to source her own marijuana after being disgusted by Ilana's habit of storing their pot in her vagina. Abbi and Ilana fail to gain the interest of several men on the internet, so decide to try their hand at meeting men in person.

Abbi calls in sick to work to sign for a package for her neighbour Jeremy, but misses the delivery, while Ilana takes a temp job as a receptionist for a temp agency but soon gets distracted by working as a dog-walker. On the day of her first art gallery show, Abbi bug-bombs her apartment, planning to stay with Ilana, but when she loses her keys, the two women are left with nowhere to shower and get ready before the show. Abbi believes she's too much of a pushover after giving up the opportunity to lead a Soulstice class to a bald woman posing as a cancer patient, so she decides to debut the new, no-bullshit Abbi at a hipster charity party hosted by Ilana's college roommate, where the girls meet two attractive DJs. After giving her number to a guy she met at a bar, Abbi is distressed to realize she's lost her phone.

Abbi invites Ilana, Jaimé, and Lincoln over to her apartment while Bevers invites his sister Marla to wait out the coming storm.

While the group is passing the time with games, Abbi is horrified to discover after relieving herself in the bathroom that the storm has caused the toilet to stop working.

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Click the yellow tab labeled "START CHAT" and complete the form to begin chatting. • If the text states 'A counselor is unavailable' you can still click the yellow tab to leave a trained counselor a message.

It doesn't matter whether you're having sex, thinking about having sex, or if you're just curious.

12 condoms / lube of your choice are given out each time toy show your C-Card, along with information about the local sexual health services and instructions on how to use a condom effectively.

Florida HIV/AIDS Resource Database Hotline History Web Chat Difference Between HIV & AIDSHIV Transmission HIV Testing HIV / AIDS Symptoms HIV / AIDS Statistics Financial Assistance Sexually Transmitted Diseases AIDS Fraud Return To Home Page The Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline is the statewide resource for HIV/AIDS-related information, community referrals and supportive telephone counseling.

Callers receive information on HIV and AIDS related issues including locations of testing sites and program services in Florida.