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"I've been getting a lot of tweets and messages asking where I have been and if I'm coming back to WWE, so I wanted to let you know what has been going on and why I have been silent," the Latin singer wrote on Instagram Monday alongside a photo herself next to her ailing father.

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or potentially self-destructive behaviour performed for the benefit of others. The fungus cultivated by wood-boring beetles of the family Scolytidae Ametabola. Pertaining to last abdominal segment which bears the anus. The small apical area enclosed by the inner and outer margins of the hindwing. They have colourful inflorescences of 4 to 20 vivid red and orange subopposite flowers on a divaricately (horizontally) branched stem. The dehiscent capsules are shorter than they are wide.The terminal inflorescence can have the form of a cyme or a raceme. The flowers are sessile on a flexuose arched spike. They are commonly known in the United States as coppertips or falling stars, and in the United Kingdom as montbretia.Worms are primarily identified by their lack of limbs, but the specific body shape of worms can vary.

There are only 4 species left in this genus that is widely spread through out tropical America that grows epiphytically and need a shady and very humid environment at all of the elevations that they occur from sea level to 1800 meters. & Garay 1959 - See Stenotyla lendyana (Rchb.f.) Dressler 2005 ~Cochleanthes candida (Lindl.) R.

Name given to the thorax and propodeum of 'wasp-waisted' hymenopterans. Two or more forms of a species having essentially separate distributions. When two generations are produced within a life cycle each producing individuals of only one sex, either male first and then female or visa-versa. In insects (not birds) the outermost of the three flap-like outgrowths at the base of the wing in various flies: really a part of the wing membrane.

A synthetic insecticide; a chlorinated hydrocarbon of not less than 95 per cent 1,2,3,4,10,10-hexachloro-1,4,4a,5,8,8a-hexahydro-1,4:5,8-dimethanonaphthalene; moderately toxic to mammals, acute oral LD,, for rats 44 mg/kg; phytotoxicity: none when properly formulated, but some crops are sensitive to solvents in certain formulations. A term applied to the "open chain" or fatty series of hydrocarbons. Substances found in plants, many having powerful pharmacologic action, and characterized by content of nitrogen and the property of combining with acids to form salts'. When individuals other than the parent assist in the caring for that parents offspring. The insects which develop without metamorphosis, namely the Protura, Thysanura, and Collembola. Compound derived from carboxylic acids by replacing the hydroxyl of the -COOH by the amino group, -NH, by replacing one or more hydrogen atoms by as many hydrocarbon radicals. Organic compounds that contain the amino (NH,) group and the carboxyl (COOH) group.

This is a collection of Terminology, Entomological and Arthropodal in general, some of which you will find used on the other pages of this site, but I have included a lot more words than I have been able to use in the pages of this site, I hope you find them useful. The part of the male genitalia which is inserted into the female during copulation and which carries the sperm into the female. The regular changing of roles of colony members as they get older.

It Does Not Contain Any Animal Names, Insect or otherwise, and is A Abdomen. Its shape is often important in separating closely related species. Of pupa: referring to the state in which the pupa does not posses movable mandibles, the opposite being Decticous. Summer dormancy, entered into when conditions are unfavourable for active life i.e.