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, never miss a post by subscribing to my newsletter!John and I spent our entire dating life long distance. ) Between phone calls, letters, and short trips to visit each other, we learned a lot about each other.Recently I saw this article on The New York Times called To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This.

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If you both give a thumbs up, here's a weird one to try. Pinky swear you won't get mad before you both answer honestly. No judgment if bachelor and bachelorette parties led to throwin' dollars.

"You look beautiful in everything," is not an acceptable answer. If they say yes, their confidence will be super sexy.

Here's how your masturbation habits stack up to others—frequency and top fantasies included.

Why would anyone want to talk about what they ate for lunch?

Or any of the other minutiae that turned our phone calls into hours-long conversations?