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Sports news channels offer round-the-clock coverage of every pregame interview and workout.The NFL’s own cable network runs marathons of past Super Bowl highlights.Score one for Focus on the Family in the Social Values Super Bowl -- the advocacy advertising contest that will fill the airwaves between scattered moments of NFL football February 7.CBS has rebuffed the publicity-seeking entry from a new gay dating service, Mancrunch.We are always open to working with a client on alternative submissions.OK folks, if you want to advocate for gay rights or marriage, perhaps -- but don't appear to enjoy same sex contact in an ad airing during a game where grown men will be knocking each other nearly senseless -- you still have an opening.

"We sent the spot to Fox on Thursday one last time, and they cleared it," GNC executive vice president Jeff Hennion told USA TODAY.

Today, the agencies that produce the ad spots put out press releases and sneak previews of what viewers can expect to see on Sunday, while websites everywhere scramble after the game to post rankings of the best and worst.

It’s all a way of maximizing the value of work that routinely costs millions of dollars to produce.

The company had pounced on a chance to present their ad when they heard time was still for sale for the big game.

Ah, but they missed the fine print: CBS's newly announced ad standards are for advocacy ads promoting a point of view.