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Fatimid Caliph Ali az-Zahir, whose father al-Hakim is a key figure in the Druze faith, was particularly harsh, causing the death of many Druze in Antioch, Aleppo, and northern Syria.
Customs once exclusive to a small aristocracy gained mass popularity as the population became increasingly urbanized.

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It also boasts some great architecture which dates back to Roman times and a fort which is a reminder of the war of Independence with Spain.

Porto Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and has its own airport.

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Sebastian, the Church of Our Lady of Carmel that was part of a convent and the Chapels of St. blinkingidiot If you are travelling with kids they will love a visit to Lagos Zoo and the local Centro de Ciência Viva where they can learn more about the Discoveries trough several interactive modules and activities.

If you have the chance – and in this case chance means a car – I advise a visit to Sagres Point with its fortress famed for its compass rose and to Cape St. Yet, your stay in Lagos can’t be over without a visit to Ponta da Piedade, one of the most astonishing places of the Algarve of an unmatchable natural beauty that is even more impressive when observed from the sea.

Set your sail and off you go to the country of Fedinand Magellan and Vasco da Gama, where the patchwork of color is as dazzling and surreal as Mário Cesariny's palette.

The emerald waters of Algarve, the red-tiled roofs of Madeira, the soothing whiteness of Belem and the luscious greenness of the Azores are all for the taking.

Below, you'll discover what each area in Portugal has to offer.

It is situated in the estuary of the Douro River in Northern Portugal and is considered to be a centre of culture and entertainment which rivals the capital, Lisbon.

A few years ago its historic centre was recognised as a world heritage centre by UNESCO.

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