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Charlize theron dating jason reitman

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Charlize Theron wore a studded Joie top at work yesterday in NYC shooting her new movie Young Adult.

The actress plays a novelist in the film, which was created by Juno masterminds Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman.

But this feels like a much better place to be, across a small table from the 36-year-old native South African and Oscar winner who director Jason Reitman () says is “in every conversation about the greatest living actresses.” There’s also sake, poured in wooden boxes filled to the brim, so that one has no choice but to lean over, inelegantly dip one’s nose, and slurp it like a Labrador retriever. For the record, in our two days together, Theron does not drink me under the table, though I stop counting the F-bombs after 50.

She will mock my voice, and when I move too slowly for her, she will refer to me as “Grandpa.” We will be photographed together by the paparazzi, causing Theron to speculate we will soon be described by the tabloids as “getting it on.” (A prospect fine by me and comical to my wife but surely mortifying for Theron.) That said, we will do the most intimate, soul-baring thing two people can do: exchange music. Somehow, Theron will get me kicked out of a coffee shop, which I didn’t think was possible.

Charlize is starring opposite Patrick Wilson, though in real life she's rumored to be moving on from her ex Stuart Townsend with actor and model Eric Thal.

“Rather than one person leading,” said Lehmann during our video interview at Reitman’s Sunset Boulevard office, “we are fortunate that four of us all have a voice in it.” Thanks to three charismatic, skilled actors—Michaela Watkins and Tommy Dewey as siblings Valerie and Alex, and Tara Lynne Barr as Valerie’s daughter Laura—the series is as dramatic as it is funny. “The voice of the characters was so clear on the page, that we needed to find someone who knew how to sing the notes. ’ Tommy walked in: ‘He gets it, he knows what we’re trying to say.'” READ MORE: How ‘Casual’ Creator Zander Lehmann Got Real About His Dating Comedy (That’s More of A Drama) Reitman loved the idea of having your sibling as your soul mate: “What if no matter what relationship, whether friendship or romantic relationship, the person you want to go back to is the person you came into the world with, someone in your family?

High-strung Valerie, especially, often acts more like a teenager than her daughter, which leads to intensely emotional complications.

“People want more happiness and for the characters to succeed,” said Lehmann, who insists that the best drama comes from “them not getting what they want.

Michaela was the first one who walked into the room. ” It’s fascinating in the first season that when Valerie, who is in the midst of a fractious divorce, considers moving out of her brother’s house, you root for the family to stay together.

“Your sibling is your first love,” said Lehmann, “the one you grew up with. In our world they reverted back to their first love, they are alone in the house and can do whatever they want in the house. They are looking after each other and satisfying each other.” (Lehmann and his younger sister have lived together and are very close.) In order to find the drama in these situations, Lehmann admitted, you can’t always make the characters happy, even if that’s what the fans would like to see.